Cigarette Poems


The only one of my books still in print and it’s another collaboration with Adrian Lockhart.  (I wrote the poems, he did the drawings.) This one was also published in its entirety in Billy Blue Magazine, although it only took up a few pages, not the entire issue.  

This one has my best opening line:  Once, sitting by the sea, I went on forever -

You can get it from Ariel Bookshop in Paddington and the Frances Keevil Gallery in Double Bay.  Or further afield at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery.  Or you can simply order it from my online shop, right here on this website.  

Henry Lawson


The great Australian writer Henry Lawson is recognised as “The first true voice of the real Australia.” There were many stories and myths about his life, some true.  I strung them together chronologically to describe his life and his essence.  One critic called it: The first anecdotal biography.

The book was published by Hodder and Stoughton and was later translated and released in Japan as part of a larger book of Lawson’s stories.

The cover was designed by my friend and colleague Adrian Lockhart and illustrated by Ulf Kaiser. Sadly, it’s also out of print but I may release it again.

Morrie Klutz


Just for the record, I did this one long before the Number One Ladies Detective Agency came out.  In fact it was first published in its entirety in Billy Blue Magazine in 1977, when they devoted an entire issue to the story. 

A few years later, in 1983, the publisher Hale and Iremonger released it as a book.   It was widely hailed by music reviewers as one of the few Australian books about Rock and Roll.   Most other reviewers enjoyed the story about a young singer who will do anything (and anyone) to be famous.

It has long been out of print and I am currently looking at re-releasing it.