Guitar Search & Rescue

This blog is dedicated to the guitarist found near death in the gutter outside a pawnbroker’s shop in Fort Worth, Texas. In one hand he is clutching the body of a ’58 LP Standard and in the other its broken headstock. All the while he is muttering, “I got it, I got it…” over and over again.

My background in guitars includes writing the vintage guitar column A Rare Find for Australian Guitar Magazine for about five years and the column Living History, which compared reissues of great guitars with the originals, for Guitarist Magazine Australia.  I did that one for two years.

In this blog my intention is to relate some of the stories from my own collecting experience, pass on some tips relating to restoration, as well as the experiences of others who are just as afflicted as myself. I’ll start with the story of the first really fine vintage guitar I bought, which on first inspection seemed unplayable.