Cigarette Poems

Cigarette Poems


Signed by author and illustrator

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I have had three books published but this is the only one that is still in print.

It was first published in its entirety in a magazine called Billy Blue, a literary journal named after William Blue, an early settler of Sydney.  It was published again in 2007, with a folio of eighteen etchings by Adrian Lockhart who had long wanted to do it as a book.  The folio was expensive so I suggested to Adrian that we do it as a book with illustrations from his sketchbooks.  It has been published in this form by The Press Gang and is available from various bookshops and art galleries or you can buy copies signed by Adrian and me directly from this website.

The book has many beautiful illustrations from Adrian and has been well received.  

REVIEW FROM ROSS RENWICK, editor of Billy Blue Magazine: Dean Thomas has a style that makes everyone think that writing like that must be really easy.  (Until you try to.)